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tv   ABC 7 News at 1100  ABC  May 23, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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the storms have calmed down, such as they are. abc seven news starts right now. captioned by the national captioning institute following a two breaking stories tonight. a person has been stabbed and another one is trapped inside of an apartment. we have a crew at the scene and runre monitoring a hit and incident in montgomery county. we will have much more on both stories in just a couple of minutes. but first, new developments in disaster in misery. 116 people have been killed, is expected to climb. >> the governor says that 17 people have been pulled from the
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wreckage. the national weather service the tornado has been classified as these second rating.t we are monitoring the latest. >> it is the nation's deadliest tornado in nearly 50 years. much of the south side of that city is unrecognizable. >> it is a massive tornado. >> the half mile wide tornado at nearly 200gh miles an hour. even those courageous or crazy to videotape these when toof madness know give up. go.on't even stop, just out of here. >> the twister at least that only seen one battlefields.
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>> i have never seen anything like it. >> at least 116 fatalities. >> they have suffered a great tragedy. they have all been affected. >> the storm obliterated 2000 businesses and homes. >> we lost everything. we are trying to salvage what we can and make the best of it. >> all of the dining room furniture came then. i thought it was buried. >> the tornado also pulled them their beds from a local hospital. pickup trucks had to be used to evacuate some of the dead. >> rescue workers vowed to work -- are around the clock. we will have a live report in about 12 minutes. >> that is heartbreaking.
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ae damage left behind was memorable and dangerous spring in this country. >> we have storm watch coverage. >> more tornadoes and more lifetime thatour folk's memories. the storm and that part of the starting up late yesterday. this was joplin, missouri. on average, one f5. 4've had 11 or 12 f4 and 3 or f5 tornados. the total number of fatalities now here in 2011 we have had in many years. this single tornado was the number of fatalities since when 181 people were
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killed. the death toll still stands at 116. you can see that there are still out in the mid part of the country. tomorrow, there will be more. here is what will be happening. a moderate risk in the area tomorrow and out in the mid part the country, a slight risk right here. i will tell you more from the weather center. back to you. >> back to the breaking news fairfax county where we learned that a stabbing and fighting forperson life and another one injured. we are live with the late breaking developments tonight. >> very tense moments at this townhome complex. two men are hospitalized, both with apparent stab wounds. one was very serious injuries.
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>> about 8:00 tonight, a young was calling for help. she said her brother had just her other brother. >> one of my friend's brother his otherd by brother. not good. >> the young man that they brother hasbed his history of mental illness. his sister said he recently taking his medication. >> he doesn't take his medicine or something. apparently, he got stabbed a of times. >> detectives and police wascers don't believe there to the neighborhood. it was contained within the household. >> one is a 28-year-old male, old.other a 25-year- he was listed in very serious, critical condition.
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he was upgraded and is expected to survive. storyning to the other montgomery county where say two people have been struck in a hit-and-run incident. connecticut avenue in kensington. they say they are in critical condition. the intersection remains closed at this hour. a> people are worried about theirunter taking aim at homes and apartments. the alert came after several deer were found. we are live with what else was found. >> let me show you where they hunting is going on. right back here behind me is a homes and apartment complexes. we move just over here beyond trees to community gardens,
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that is whered the carcasses were found. rights activist woods, rightthe next to the community gardens. this is what we found. >> these are the remains of a deer. >> the skins and bones of gear. a lift built into a tree that up to see the der as they come. >> we came across what appears sort of a dumping ground. >> somebody has been back here hunting. this looks to have happened less than 15 yards from where people, including families with small children come out to tend their the city on the garden. >> they should probably be further away. >> hunters on their doorstep,
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that is another story. >> john henry jones has been here for morebles than 20 years. he says this is a slice of heaven. but hunting is not allowed. that, weebody is doing know so we can get to the bottom of it. >> hunting is not allowed here because this is protected area, against a lot to do any hunting. the investigation has begun, department of natural resources and the city is looking into all of this. to a brighter note. the final countdown on dancing stars, by this time night, we will know who be the next winner of the trophy. we have the onstage and
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backstage access. >> we got strong performances all three remaining contestants. out to win. who will take home the trophy is anyone's guess. he has been a competitive 13 weeks, but these last performances are make or break. he wow'd judges with his quick step. she fell on her head a week ago back on her feet. >> she is really stepping up. believe they will love it. >> they gave 100% and his anythingid not expect less. >> he thought about it for a moment, he agreed to do it. it meant he was going to go all the way. >> and 60-year-old kirstie alley season and this
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performed the samba followed by this acrobatic freestyle. >> it forced me to do things every single week. isthe most favored to win disney channel's star. she captured a perfect score freestyle and her partner, it would be the birthdaytwenty fifth gift. >> there is even more pressure to win. >> whether she will get that to viewers.t is up voting is open until 11:00 a.m. tomorrow. stay with us after the valet and winners live from just after the show ends. we want to know who you think should win. we set up a thread on the page.ok
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if you would like to weigh in, check out the facebook page. >> 11:00 in the morning tomorrow? ok. gsa officials confiscate a wide variety of items. >> at the 88 pounds found a local airport. >> a race against time as the survivors will have the latest in the report. >> and what happened between them before this
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the officers to the ground. >> i saw him stand up momentarily and did not see his legs shape. >> people that live in this haveborhood say they interacted with him. >> like most people on the know, they're asking for help. >> he became irate and the officershen leave.m to some in the community say that he has a temper. >> when he drinks, and somebody bothers him, he is going to respond. >> you have got to understand, they are down and out. >> addition of the officers the wheel chair how hostile,atter not deserve this. >> regardless, does that mean get thrashedld like that?
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>> it continues to get hits on youtube. he still faces assault and drinking in public charges. >> security officials seized meat seized at the international airport. there was 15 bags of cooked meat in his luggage. airport officials inspected his bag. meat is banned by federal regulators, some animal products certain qualities carry diseases. day,he big story of the disaster caused by massive tornado. 11 people were killed in the hit thet twister to nation in decades. >> give us a sense of what you're seeing now. >> good evening to you both. i got here at about 3:00 this
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afternoon and i have to tell you scope of devastation is remarkable. behind me here, it is dark city out, i can tell is as far as the eye can see. this car right here is one of area that is a mass of metal because of that hit about 5:00 sunday afternoon. st. john's regional medical center, the top floors were ripped off. every window was blown out and about 183 people had to be evacuated. it has been closed down for now. the death toll right now stands joplin, but the number is expected to rise. >> what about the efforts to rescue the survivors? >> it was suspended late this
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evening. to start again tomorrow morning. it is really a combination of firefighters and volunteers. they are literally going block block and house to house. we saw one desperate search for 73-year-old man today just the street from a hospital. heart wrenching. found him yet. we can tell you that the weather this area has been , there wasg today rain, hail, lightning, even a tornado watch. that hampered the effort. but things have cleared out a little bit and they're hoping that the weather will calm down tomorrow and they can continue here and across town. it is about a six-mile stretch. from missouri, what a
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mess there. >> there is a moderate risk in ofe parts of the country unprecedented -- we are approaching 500 fatalities from tornadoes. almost 200 miles an hour. is 10rce of the wind, powerful as a hurricane. just to give you an idea, these clouds.funnel why did we have some many of these major tornadoes? they hit major population areas gives miff to somehow the that tornadoes don't hit big cities. birmingham, alabama and the missouri. even with modern technology, it life weorst loss of have had in our lifetime. it 1200 tornadoes now.
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what is going on so far in the tornado season. as we get too late june and july, the tendency to tornadoes the most likely areas and more to the northern states. look at the temperatures again. in the 80's with humidity creeping up on washington. and with the pattern that we the jet stream to the picking up that circulation and a lot of warm air, once again, more severe thunderstorms. in the mid part of the country, again a moderate risk for severe thunderstorms. there are still nasty moving to western virginia where it is going until 2:00 in the morning. they may be coming right at our own backyard. i am afraid tomorrow afternoon,
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fire up once again. it in and out sunshine. during the afternoon, widespread showers, some of which could be severe. during the afternoon, keeping the ear or the eye open to the sky. we will keep you posted if any severe weather really develops. temperatures tomorrow near 90 degrees. i think the atmosphere will settle down a bit. temperatures near 90 degrees humidity on friday and by of the weekend, once again, the risk of severe thunderstorms, keep posted to unprecedented in our lifetime. >> and summer is still to come. themou have your eyes on
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this summer? >> it raises a lot of hope. we will have the very latest coming up. the brewers had a lot of heart, nobody answers. coming up next in sports.
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>> of the national's continue to hitting team. it cost them in milwaukee and is to be a psychological weight. they are falling fast. three losses in a row, let's up from the bottom. one heck of a night. a two-run home run here. to-0 milwaukee before fans were in the seats. this was his night and he was getting started. he rips this baby deep center field. 5-1.s it he takes a victory shot like he owns the place. you have to have heart, corey hart with the! . 3 for 4, a huge night. milwaukee beat washington big. this is good news for national fans. and on the mound for the first had that surgery. he said he felt great.
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at the overall pick in the draft had ligament replacement surgery. he wants to come back and pitch of the season, but he pitching in from the mound since therst time surgery. oklahoma city made its first shots of this ball game. with five guys in double figures, they took over early. with a strong move here, watch this. slam dunk. double-digit lead. he hit threes, oklahoma city to even the series at two games apiece. right now, they are up by nine. >> everybody is still talking about a soap box race. it was wild. more than 100,000 fans jammed to see these go up, over, and out.
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